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Chimney Cleaning – This Is How We Do It

Whenever something goes wrong, we have a tendency to put off fixing it. If you hear a strange noise in your car, you may wait a while to take it to the mechanic. If something goes wrong with your chimney, you may wait a while before trying to fix the problem.

If there are no visible signs of leakage, but you are suspicious that you have a leak, a smoke test can be performed. Some qualified chimney fireplace repair companies offer such tests. They can seal off your flue at the top and bottom and insert a smoke pellet that gives off a detectable odor. The repairman can then check inside and outside your home to determine if there is a leak.

Winter is the season when many of us are trapped inside our homes with the heat running and allergens. Flu season comes and goes. Ensure you are fire safe and on time. Winter is the time of snow and resultant damage.

Basically you should choose a range hood that fits the space over your working area and one that has sufficient capacity to vent or recirculate the air in your kitchen. Seems simple enough, right? Maybe not.

Having a chimney cap installed will also be useful. A chimney cap will serve to keep animals from setting up shop inside your chimney. Much like the crown, it can be damaged and left unable to perform its job like it should.


If you have a lot of difficulty keeping the gutters clean, try a shop-vac. Many come with gutter attachments and clean gutters easily, if the gutter can be reached. Additionally, a gutter protection system could keep maintenance to a minimum and turn your bi-annual chore into a quick and easy task. There are a number on the market that are definitely worth investing in.

All those fancy table cloths you used – don’t put them away dirty, send them to the dry cleaner before storing, same goes for the special holiday outfits.