3 Tips To Check When Your Auto Won’t Start

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It is possible to lock or unlock every Kia car door, turn the interior lights on, and activate the panic alarm by using the key fob from outside the Kia vehicle. Be sure to remove the key from the vehicle before locking the doors. As many as 5 key fobs can be used with one vehicle. For information concerning the purchase and use of additional key fobs, contact a Kia dealer. The panic alarm will not activate when the key is in the ignition repair.

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Check the engine oil. Look at the oil dipstick. Is the oil level low? This could be the result of excessive oil consumption or leaks. Is the oil very dirty or black? Does it feel gritty? Look for signs of wet oil around the valve covers. Get in the car, and turn on the ignition replacement, but do not start the car. Does the low-oil-pressure warning light come on? If the car is equipped with an oil pressure gauge, this should read zero.

If your engine is receiving enough fuel, the no-start must be due to a lack of compression. Check each of the cylinders with a compression tester (the tester usually costs less than $30). Insufficient compression is often caused by a timing belt that has snapped or become loose. This will affect how the intake and exhaust valves land in their seats.

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The job of an automotive ignition system is simple, it supplies a spark to the engine at the time it’s most needed. Fortunately today’s technology has stabilized and the newest cars at least have some logic. In addition, more modularized systems are installed in cars. Not even mechanics repair ignition systems, they replace bad components. By using a simple volt-ohmmeter, many problems can be tracked down and many ignition system problems can be solved.

Meanwhile you might accidentally run down your battery and mistake this for a broken battery when in fact you could just replace it and carry on. This comparative battery shopping that you will do should provide you with lots of details about the car battery industry. Car alarm battery plays very an import role, the producers have also understood its value and produce all kinds of cheap to expensive batteries of good high quality.